Home Herold's Corn Meal MushHeroldís Salads modest beginning as a corn meal mush manufacturer was the inspiration of Fred and Herold's TruckDella Herold in the mid 1920ís. Their vision was to prepare quality foods with a homemade look and taste. Over the years they developed salads to compliment their very popular corn meal mush, serving Cleveland's finest grocers and delicatessens.

In 1945 Della was joined by her son Jack, who continued to develop specialty foods and distribute other products geared towards the consumer looking for quality and convenience. Jack also began to manufacture their products in small retail containers, as well as bulk, enabling the small retailer to carry a greater variety of specialty foods.

 For a span of over forty years of growth and with the passing of Della and Jack, the company continued with its family tradition by passing the torch to Jackís daughter, Cathy Herold. Her creativity led to the development of a unique line of premium pasta salads and homemade desserts, giving Heroldís the ability to service the needs of quality oriented grocers, delicatessens, and restaurants. The success of the new items led to expansion into new markets over ten states.

Today, Heroldís Salads continued success can be attributed to family pride and a commitment to manufacture and market the finest salads and desserts available. Heroldís continuing growth will be ensured by innovating ideas and exciting new products while preserving a high standard of c
onsistency and quality.
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